Bruce Le 呂小龍


Sometimes credited as
Huang Kin-Lung, Wong Kin-Lung, Wong Kum-Hung,  Lui Siu-Lung,  Huang Chien-Lung,  Jacky Lui,  Wong Kei-Lung,  Yeo So-Ryong,  Wang Chien-Lung


Bruce's Fingers (1976)
The Clones of Bruce Lee (1979)


The Clones of Bruce Lee (1979)



Born and raised in Burma from Chinese parents, Huang Kin-Lung started studying martial arts at a young age. By the early 1970’s he was competing in tournaments and teaching.  His skills attracted enough attention that he was offered a movie contract with the Shaw Brothers studio’s in Hong Kong.

During his time at Shaw Brothers, Kin-Lung did not get the chance to move into leading man status. Instead he found fame when an independent studio offered him the chance to star in “The Big Boss part 2”.  The movie was quickly followed by “Bruce’s Fingers” and Huang Kin-Lung was now being credited as Bruce Le to follow the new trend of Bruce Lee exploitation movies being produced…