Ho Chung-Dao (Bruce Li) 何宗道

Born: June 5th, 1950

Sometimes credited as
James Ho Chung-Tao,  Lee Roy Lung, Lee Shaio-Lung, Bruce Ho Chung-To, Bruce Lai,  Lei Hsiao-Lung,  Ha Jong-Do


Conspiracy (1974)
The Bruce Lee Story (1974)
New Game of Death (1975)
Bruce Lee Against Supermen (1975)
Bruce Lee, We Miss You! (1975)
Chinese Chieh Chuan Kung Fu (1976)
Fist of Fury part 2 (1976)
Bruce Lee - The Star of All Stars (1976)
Bruce Lee's Secret (1976)
The Young Bruce Lee (1976)
He's a Legend, He's a Hero (1976)
The Ming Patriots (1976)
Bruce Lee - True Story (1976)
Return of the Tiger (1977)
The Real Bruce Lee (1977)
Last Strike (1977)
Dynamo (1978)
Bruce Lee in New Guinea (1978)
Bruce Lee The Invincible (1978)
The Great Hero (1978)
Deadly Strike (1978)
Storming Attacks (1978)
Edge of Fury (1978)
The Gold Connection (1979)
The Lama Avenger (1979)
Fist of Fury 3 (1979)
Blind Fist of Bruce (1979)
Bruce and the Iron Finger (1979)
Fists of Bruce Lee (1979)
G-Men 75 (1980)
Counter Attack (1981)
Dragon Force (1982)
Pink Trap (1985)
Ninja Death Chase (1989)
Seven Swords of the Dog (19??)


The Death Duel (1972)
Triangular Duel (1972)
Duel in the Tiger Den (1972)
Gecko Kung Fu (1972)
Iron Man (1973)
Rikisha Kuri (1974)
Hero of Kwangtong (1974)
Twister Kicker (1974)


Fists of Bruce Lee (1979)
Counter Attack (1981)


The first star to emerge from this new sub-genre was Taiwanese actor James Ho Chung-Dao, or as he would later be known to the world, Bruce Li. He began his movie career with small roles and made the transition to leading star after a friend told producers about his resemblance to Bruce Lee.

After graduating from High School, Chung-Dao went on to college and majored in physical education whilst  studying various styles of martial arts including Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, and also gymnastics. Winning high praise from his coaches, both of his parents had hopes of him becoming a physical education teacher. However, after two years of study, Chung-Tao decided to give up his chosen career path and peruse a career in the film business…