Dragon Lee 거룡

Born: 12th August, 1958

Sometimes Credited as:
巨龍, Bruce Lei, Keo Ryong


The Clones of Bruce Lee (1979)


Bruce Lee had become a huge star in Korea following his untimely death and as a youngster, Dragon Lee would often visit the Dan Sung Sa movie theatre in downtown Seoul to watch the latest Kung Fu movies.  Being a regular at the theatre, he got to know the staff pretty well, particularly the theatre’s poster and sign board painter who one day commented on his resemblance to Bruce Lee.

In 1977, the Hwa Chun film production company began scouting for a new star who could fight and had a resemblance to Bruce. The 19 year old Dragon Lee was introduced to producers of the company by the Dan Sung Sa movie theatre artist that he had became friends with and soon made his film debut in The Last Fist of Fury